How I slept with my cousin

I got admitted into the university of abuja, I had to move from Lagos to live with my uncle and is family until I get my own room around Gwagwalada since hostel form is sold out.

I enjoyed my stay at my uncle’s place, it was hard to get bored with his sons around. His wife makes the best jollof rice and other delicious foods, I learnt a lot from her in the kitchen because I always try to since we’re the only two females in the house.

Me and the two boys got along very fast, according to them they’ve always wanted a sister. We were free with each other, I can’t mention names but the elder one is learning tailoring while the younger one is always at home.

It was on Saturday, I didn’t have lectures so I stayed home, it was just me and my uncle’s youngest son, his wife hardly stay home because she has a hair salon at the front of the house and my uncle works 6 days per week.

I wanted to ask to on hot spot for me so I can buy data from my bank app, went straight to their room cuz he shared the same room with us brother, forgetting my manners since we’re very close I barged in and there he was laying naked on the bed.
Coming soooo…

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