Knacking my cousin girlfriend while he was asleep

So I’m a student of akwa state university. I was in school one day when my cousin came around from his own school (uniuyo) to visit me and he came with us babe. They said they want to spend the night at my place and I said fine. Around 8pm that day I started hearing noises from inside my room.

It was my cousin and is girlfriend they where knacking while I just sat in another room texting my friends but I couldn’t concentrate they became too loud they were knacking so hard that my dick starts to stand.

After a while the I stop hearing noises so I went to my room and lay down on the bed. The was a little bit dark sha, so before I knew it those two started knacking on the ground again and I could hear the harder harder my dick got worst.

I got so horny and wish I could join them. This time was not as long as the first I guess my cousin is tired.

After my cousin feel asleep I type a message on my phone and showed it to my cousin GF, in the message I told her I was hard and don’t know if she can give me blowjob I’m even thou I only meet her for the first time, I just couldn’t control my konji.

I was scare she would say no and tell my cousin but to my surprise she joined me on the bed grab my cock and stared stroking with her hand before I knew she put my cock in her mouth and started sucking like a pro.

I have no idea if my cousin notice although I had music turned on but she was still doing it professionally and codedly trying not to make a noise I didn’t know when I start to moan into palm.

Omo or she suck me out and I couldn’t wait to knack her pussy so I picked up my phone and text she should turn around and let me tuck her in bed with me so she turned and could see her pussy still glistening and gaping from fucking my cousin, I put dick inside and pounded her hard without waking my cousin

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